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The Glass Wall, Vicky Colombet, theglasswallmovie

About The Film

THE GLASS WALL chronicles an artist's struggle to create a monumental work on glass. Set in the Costa Brava region of Spain, the documentary uses animation to reveal what is not perceivable in real time, as it shows the artist Vicky Colombet bringing the work to life. Her piece, 150 feet long, encircles an interior chamber of a residence known as Villa Nurbs, a dynamic “green” building designed by the award-winning architect Enric Ruiz-Geli.

The film offers an exclusive look at this new artwork in a private home, where media access has been restricted.

The creation of the artwork, like the construction of a cathedral, was physically and emotionally taxing, and occurred over an extended period. The filmmakers alter time to show the process: vinyl templates go up, the artist cuts the patterns, sunlight pierces through, shapes emerge under sand-blasting, workers peel the templates away, and water splashes the glass as it is cleaned. The fear of a crack -- or worse -- is never far from the artist's mind.

As the artwork incorporates natural patterns and rhythms, the film shows the interplay of the work with natural phenomena. Clouds roil overhead, shadows cast by the glass move across interior spaces, and the artwork glows under industrial lights as darkness falls.


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