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The Glass Wall, Vicky Colombet, theglasswallmovie
About the Filmmakers


Joan Freeman, the director, has made feature films, documentaries and animations. She directed Julia Roberts's debut feature, "Satisfaction," which starred Liam Neeson and Justine Bateman. Another of her films, "Streetwalkin'," which starred Melissa Leo, was selected to appear in the Berlin Film Festival, the London Film Festival and Internazionale Cinemas Giovani, in Turin, Italy. Her first film, a clay animation, won a First Prize at the International Animation Festival in Ottawa and Outstanding Film of the Year from the London International Film Festival. She has also made science films for the NOVA series on PBS, for HBO, and for CBS News in New York City.

Joan Freeman and Robert Alden, the principals of Caliban Productions, have worked as a creative team on three films and several writing projects.

Robert Alden has worked as a producer and writer on a number of films, including "Satisfaction," "Streetwalkin'," and the short "Brainwash." He also worked on the script for “Shaggy,” commissioned by 20th Century Fox. He earned a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School after working as a geologist for the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and the US Geologic Survey. He has also worked as a business consultant for Strategic Planning Associates in Washington, D.C.

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