Working after hours requires extra care to be safe.

Artist Vicky Colombet examines the South Wall.

Vicky Colombet and her crew.

Not much space to walk on the roof, but we are up there every day.

Colombet balances at the edge of the pool.

Architect Enric Ruis Geli, Victor Llanos of Cloud9 and Vicky Colombet look over her drawings.

Six pod-shaped zones form a continuous glass wall half the length of a football field.

Deep cuts come first, then larger, softer patterns follow.

Often without assistants, Colombet works late into the night.

Villa Nurbs, Colombet's art glows within.

Colombet looks up at the "Dragon wall" preparing to sandblast.

Colombet outlasts the other workers, holding the sandblasting gun for hours.

Light pours in when the art is unveiled.

Once vinyl templates are removed, traces of sand still adhere to the glass. Seen through two layers of her art, Colombet carefully cleans the glass.

Colombet's art glows under evening work lights.

At night, a section of Vicky Colombet's completed art, etched on glass.